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Induction & Post Natal

Induction & Post Natal

Acupuncture can help prime your body and your baby for labour.

This treatment is particularly helpful for encouraging the hormonal cascades that instigate labour as well as encouraging the baby downward in the birth canal.

The points we use help signal to the body that it is time to deliver the baby. These are the points that are otherwise never used during pregnancy, because they are so effective in stimulating the body to open and release.

Many mothers find this treatment reassuring; it is very gentle and safe, and most mothers find it helps to ease the pressure they may feel about having a hospital induction.

In our experience having the acupuncture induction treatment seems to help the body to cope better if a hospital induction becomes necessary. Acupuncture helps to prime the body’s systems and can help the body to respond more efficiently and fluently to the stimulus of the prostaglandin pessaries and/or the syntosonin drip.

Acupuncture treatment can really help to energise the mother and may help to bring the added strength needed to have an effective labour and delivery. In good heart, with expectant joyfulness that you will soon be holding your baby!

If you think you may want to try Acupuncture as your due date approached please call the clinic sooner rather than later. It is much easier to cancel appointments than it is to make them at the last minute.