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Pain Relief

Acupuncture Pain Relief

Many painful muscular conditions, such as neck pain, headaches, tennis elbow and low back pain, result in painful knots of muscle called trigger points. Using trigger point acupuncture can often be very successful in relieving the pain and tension associated with these types of conditions.

Acupuncture can also relive the pain of arthritis in many joints, including the knee, hip, and thumb.

Although acupuncture is unable to ‘cure’ arthritis, is can be extremely helpful in relieving the debilitating pain that this condition can cause.

In recent years studies have begun to emerge which have helped to support the benefits of acupuncture treatment. (BAcC) For example it is accepted that acupuncture can help tension-type headaches, low back pain and painful osteoarthritis, especially when it is used in conjunction with a physical therapy.